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2023, what a year so far...

Art, Milestones, and Adventures

Hello Everyone,

As we approach the close of 2023, I wanted to take a moment to share some highlights of the year—a mix of art, personal moments, and exciting developments.

Diving into Oil Paints: A New Chapter in Art

This year has been about embracing change in my artistic journey. I've shifted from acrylics and spray paints to explore the subtle wonders of oil paints. The studio has become a place of experimentation, and I'm looking forward to unveiling this new direction in my upcoming show, "Misled Youth."

From 2.5k to 42k: Growing Together on Instagram

I'm genuinely grateful for the support and connection on Instagram. Starting the year with 2.5k followers and now reaching 42k has been a journey we've shared. Your engagement and feedback have been a driving force in my work.

Life Beyond the Easel: Turning 40, Love, and Travel

Outside the studio, turning 40 was a moment to pause and celebrate. Adding to the joy, I got engaged this year. Traveling to Jordan, Los Angeles, Edinburgh, and back home in Cyprus has been a reminder of the beauty in different landscapes and cultures with some great friends and memories made.

“Misled Youth”: An Invitation of Escapism

The upcoming exhibition, "Misled Youth," is a collection that reflects on the innocence of childhood and the complexities of growing up. If you're around Paphos, Cyprus, from December 16th to 26th, I'd love for you to drop by at Cap St Georges Hotel & Resort. Don't hesitate to email or DM me to request the catalogue of available artwork.

In Conversation with Gary Mansfield: A Podcast Moment

Gary Mansfield's podcast, "Ministry of Arts," gave me the chance to dive into conversations about art and life. Feel free to give it a listen if you're curious about the behind-the-scenes of my artistic process.

Teaser Alert: Exciting Collaboration

I've also had the pleasure of collaborating with a fantastic drinks brand. Stay tuned on my Instagram for more details—coming your way this week.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Here's to the simple joy of putting paint to canvas, the shared moments, and the art that quietly shapes our days.

Stay warm out there,


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